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We realize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility towards our people. We are shaping the effects of our activities on the environment and our social environment responsibly and with the involvement of our stakeholders. For the long-term success of Samana Smart City, we promote the interaction of economy, ecology and the society.

Sunsolar energy

Solar Powered Residences

We believe in green real estate. Every square inch of Samana Smart City is enriched with nature’s finest growth and beauty.
We are aware of our responsibility towards our people and our land. Powering our residences and commercial developments with clean solar energy, we are playing our role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change

Connected Home

A Smart Automated Community

Live in the golden age of technology development. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution connects and automates all the house features, from the lights, Air Conditioning system, TV, locks, appliances and more, to a single Application on your mobile. The software will be made available for the residents of Samana Smart City to use and connect with the in-door and out-door world.

Monitor Traffic

Weather updates


Utility services

Smart security cameras

Smart thermostats

Smart lighting and locks

Household system

Intelligent Sensory Network

Smart Water System

Smart IoT connectivity

Recycling Program

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